Worst Survey Day in Weeks

What a crappy day. I was staking out something called a compensation-line, for the tram. This tram goes through the University of Ulm and they don’t want the electricity to disturb and fine tune instruments. Therefore, they’re compensating for the extra power with this compensations line. It was so annoying, I got back to the office at like 5:00pm because the guys had left too much concrete in the trough, and I had to stake the same points out twice, every 2 meters for like 150 meters—alone. I hate staking stuff out robotically, and this was the worst. The instrument lost lock of the prism so much! The snow got in the way, everything got in the way, and the instrument was set up startling this stupid trog. Awuhhg. Gross. After this crap day a colleague called it quits for legit two weeks.

Powsimian Podcast Season 01 – English

This is a podcast about a journey.

Hey there, this is Matt Blunt – most well known on the internet as Powsimian. I’ve brought you this podcast as an opportunity to entertain yourself while cleaning, renovating, working, working out, or whatever. Simply: the content are some of my top thoughts.

The first english-language season to Powsimian Podcast can be found on the main menu and here:


iPhone X at Night

The iPhone X’s nighttime photo potential.

Here in Ulm, we have a cathedral called “Das Münster”—in German it means “The Cathedral.” Nice right?

It’s the highest one in the world.

Anyway, a few years ago they had a famous artist design a lighting system for it, and it pops real nice at night.

With two exposures and a tiny Photoshop session, we captured this: moon, Münster and majesty.

I have been trying to capture the impressive figure at night for a while with an iPhone 6s, not too successfully if we’re judging by the likes. Jasmin copped the X and we put it through its paces. With two exposures and a tiny Photoshop session, we captured this: moon, Münster and majesty. For the curious ones: it’s 161.5 m, or ~530 ft tall. Yeah, it’s a tall cathedral

These photos are totally raw: Münster as the sun was almost set, with an extremely dark blue sky. And a free art show under a bridge, with the sun’s reflection off the water making beautiful patterns on the ceiling of the tunnel.