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Matt has a lot of crazy beliefs, many unconventional, many polarizing, some taboo topics, but none so hard to discuss over dinner as financial philosophy. You can have an open disagreement on the benefits and advantages of Apple vs PC, it might be hard… but Matt’s offering an even deeper and more personal topic here: money—and the difficulty of talking about money makes education harder than it has to be. We all want to learn more about money.


  • We need to learn more about money
  • We could all learn more about money if middle class families talked more openly about money to their kids
  • Schools should teach more about how to achieve financial independence and less about how to become employees dependent on a paycheck
  • Our lack of formal financial education trickles down into every aspect of life
  • Even people with business degrees learn how to get a job not how to create personal wealth
  • Governments are run by people with low financial IQs–they’re like all of us
  • Average people make up the wealth of a nation
  • It normal people’s financial intelligence were higher, we would all benefit

It’s a rough draft, but the key thing is we need to know what creates wealth. The mechanics behind how a person or country gets rich shouldn’t be mysterious. Getting rich is “creating wealth”. That’s all it is, it doesn’t mean someone necessarily needs to be exploited for another person to profit. Wealth is as abstract as value itself and creating value doesn’t always even cost anything (think of the value of a smile).

Anyways without any further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Rich Dad Poor Dad – what the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not. Written by Robert Kyosaki.

Robert also has a podcast, “Rich Dad Radio Show” with lots of guests who are really informative and well spoken.

Another great podcast within the Rich Dad Family is “Get Rich Education” with Keith Weinhold, who is a young real estate professional and has an engaging style of speaking.

Both have very intelligent guests, some of the most interesting topics include: Cash Flow, Taxes, Commercial Real Estate, and Market Crashes.

Some of my favorite episodes.