The Party Ministry is about living the good life.

Some of the main subjects on these pages and posts are:

  • Vegan Recipes, Philosophy and Lifestyle
  • Product, Hotel, Restaurant, and City Reviews
  • Relationships, Happiness, Fulfillment
  • Language, Culture and Music
  • Beauty, health, and longevity
  • Tea,¬†Weekends, and Literature

That’s just some. There will also be space devoted to having fun in specific and general ways. Financial discussions, because money increases the potency of the good things in life. Travel documentation, long-form essays, and who know what else!

Ulm is the home town of The Party Ministry.

This is about living the good life, and we like it here in Ulm. On the Donau, and at around 500m, surrounded by 600m hills, we are little more sogged with fog sometimes that we would like, but it’s a great place to live the good life, it’s got everything that you could want. Except for parking spots, thanks to the construction sites, the parking situation is nightmarish in 2018.

The city has big plans though, and so does this website. In 2020 Ulm will have a few major projects wrapped up, and The Party Ministry will have a few knick-knacks of the good life to offer.

Stickers, durable vegan belts, sweatpants, collections of tips, a podcast, and a lot more free content await.