What a Long Winter and Week

I was in the office a lot this week but it was still noticeable how wintery the weather has been. It only makes me miss my darling Ehefrau all the more…

It’s a pretty interesting thing to think about, like how much you have to work to survive, and how much you need to be comfortable in order to live a good life with a good standard of well-being. To earn the cash you have to legit sell your time to someone, and then you’re out of the house 5 days a week. It’s better than being 24/7 somewhere, like in an army camp in the Aeil-Waste or something, but I think that might be better if you get to be there with your partner 24/7. I love every second with my wife, Jasmin but even on the weekends we’re busy hustling. It’s an investment in the future, but there is always the question of like, how much do you want in the future, and is it worth the trade off of time now?

That kind of stuff is always in the rotation of philosophical “what-is-the-good-life?-and-how-do-we-live-it?” discussions. Another side of it is the endless search for an answer to: how much of my health and vitality am I morally obliged to give my employer? Since almost no-one has the same exact threshold for pain, or the same answer to this question, there becomes a spectrum; with some people taking more or less advantage of the support of their colleagues than others.

Some people never take sick days off. Some people only take sick days off when real shit goes down, and they are totally F-ed up. Some people take sick days off when they’re perfectly fine, like to go skiing or something. And some people are ~1% sick and call out. Then there are the people who are “never sick”—but then they get sick on the holiday breaks. But that’s not even the interesting part.

Since our stores of energy are not infinite: many people save all their energy for work, and the remainder is for,—quote—”their”—quote—”life”. And some do it completely in reverse. First they go to their Uncle’s birthday party across the country, then if they have energy to go to work Monday, they do. If not – they don’t. I’m of two minds about it. I guess it’s everyone’s decision to make for themselves, but I am firmly fixed on finding a good balance. I get that a lot of people are just goddamn bored at home all day, and legit don’t have anything better to do than go ice-skating. If you call out of work, you can’t go ice-skating, so what’s the point? Then there are people just love TV…. Eventually staying home just gets boring, even if you hate your j-o-b. But I would never run out of things to do at home: I’m happy to have interests, goals, and and stuff. I think it’s extra bollucks to imagine a co-worker messing up their own health, diet completely aside (I’ve given that one up a long time ago), destroying their health by staying up late watching crappy movies, or TV, or reading junk on the internet. Even reading books! Man, go to sleep!

It bugs me because, it would be easy enough to change the way I look at the side-gigs I’ve got going on and be like: 1st thing is cook dinner, so my beautiful wife has no work at all to do when she gets home, then clean that up, and then work on my business ideas until midnight or so, when I feel done for the day. Even form 8-10pm would be a lot of extra work-time for me.  I imagine sometimes people do 8-12am, for a movie or TV show (probably not a book). After a week of midnights, working away on my project, I’d have to call out of work sick. Sure, I feel fine at 12am, but by 6:00am, I’m just dead—and then I go to the doctors at 9:00am, get  a sick note and boom, now I’m home, I guess I feel alright, good enough to lay in bed with a laptop… 10am-10pm (I’ll go to bed early because I’m sick (and I’ve already done 12 hours of hustling))… and my business would boom! Even if I just opened up work hours from 8pm to 10pm: I would feel like shit, but progress would be made faster.

I don’t condone it. I don’t condone relying on the sick-note system to keep your day job and work your night-hustle into a full-time income faster.

But great mother of Scott! I would condone the above long before, whatever everyone else is doin! Whatever it could be possibly be. Whatever they do, that makes normal people sick: Going out on the weekends (I have no idea, do people still do that?), parties, festivals, festivities, concerts, shows, sports events, flipping FIFA, I mean please. That’s not your colleagues problem guys. If you want to fly to Rio for the Olympics, fine take your two weeks off and have a holiday, take a vacation. But if you’re sick at the end of it, and take another two weeks sick time. By golly, you’re taking us for a ride.

Priorities. That’s the thing: the morality of priorities. Sadly there are no answers. But take another example, and then chew on the idea and let me know what you think:

I still have a lot of German to learn, say I were staying up until 10pm just to study German? 8-10pm blocked off just mastering the German tongue. Here, I NEED that for my job, so who’s to say who benefits from what? I should be able to write German studies in my weekly report, of what I did that week, and be paid for it, because the company benefits from it, no? Okay fine. No. I understand the argument, they’re not paying for me to study, but rather to work. Well, then that leaves when I get some free time which starts at 8pm—which I’ve been using for sleep (to the great benefit of the company)—and who’s to say that if I get sick because of that, that the company shouldn’t accept it in stride. Maybe they would. Maybe I’m over-thinking it, by taking it to extremes, but still.